Skills for the Future



Skills and talent for the future

The aim of this thematic priority is to provide orientation to higher education institutions (HEIs) on the developments, models, and good practices in approaches to future skills and competences. EURASHE strives to inspire dialogue involving researchers, educational professionals, policymakers, and the labour market to exchange experiences on how to support institutions and member states to grow their future capabilities.

At EU level the main policy framework is the European Skills Agenda, which includes 12 actions for upskilling and reskilling. Most of these actions are of direct relevance to EURASHE, in particular:

  • Action 4: Council Recommendation on VET
  • Action 5: The European Universities Initiative and upskilling scientists
  • Action 10: A European Approach to microcredentials, which led to a Council Recommendation in June 2022, and about which EURASHE published a position paper in July 2021.

Through its Skills Community of Practice, EURASHE develops a coherent narrative on how PHE helps to deliver the European Skills Agenda and link its different actions.

Community of Practice