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European Parliament Elections 2024

European Parliament Elections 2024

Few weeks left for the European Parliament elections. From 6 to 9 June citizens around Europe are called to their voting centres to use their vote and democratically decide on the following years of Europe policies.

EURASHE Community Voice

What do experts say about Applied Higher Education?

A selection of articles written by EURASHE friends and experts in the field, sharing their views, experiences and projects on different topics.

Professional Higher Education in EHEA Policy Developments

Professional Higher Education in EHEA Policy Developments

EURASHE is one of the three co-chairs of the EHEA Working Group on Learning and Teaching in the Bologna Follow-up Group working structures. The Group is mandated to support the implementation of the “Recommendations to National Authorities for the Enhancement of Higher Education Learning and Teaching in the EHEA” adopted by the EHEA ministers with the Rome Communiqué in 2020.

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Newsletter May 2024

Countdown to European elections. Only a few days to go until the European Parliament elections, happening on 6-9 June. For some young citizens it will be the first time to vote.

Newsletter April 2024

EU Commission increases Horizon funding. The Commission has adopted an amendment to the 2023-24 Work Programme of Horizon Europe, mobilising previously unallocated funding to increase the 2024 ...

Newsletter March 2024

South Korea to join Horizon programme. On 25 March, the European Commission announced that the Republic of Korea will soon join the growing group of countries associated to Horizon Europe from 2025.

Newsletter February 2024

Early Bird registrations closing soon. There are only a few days left to benefit from a 15% discount on the EURASHE Annual Conference fee! Use the promo code EARLY-BIRD-33 to access the ...

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