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EURASHE is engaged in the development of policies on key issues for Professional Higher Education (PHE). They are regrouped into 4 areas which are firstly Mission of PHE, secondly Quality of HE, thirdly Modernising PHE within a diversified HE, and finally Research, Development and Innovation.

Underneath you can access these 4 areas, as well as a page summarising internal activities linked to strategy development.

Mission of PHE

Role of professional higher education, entrepreneurship, university-business cooperation…

Quality of HE

Quality assurance, accreditation, transparency tools, rankings, labels, European Standards and Guidelines (ESG).

Modernising PHE within a diversified HE

Lifelong learning, mobility, employability, qualifications frameworks, recognition of prior learning…

Research, Development and Innovation

Universities of applied sciences, innovation, regional development, knowledge transfer…

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Ongoing projects

EURASHE works with several partners in more than 12 projects, focused on modernising PHE, as well as on research, innovation and development.



Driving European competitiveness with applied research in VET for SMEs AIRinVET aims to enhance the innovation and competitiveness of the European economy. Our focus is on the critical role of vocational education and training (VET) in research and development (R&D). We will identify VET centers involved in applied research (AR), conduct case studies, and develop tools that will help SMEs engage in applied research.


The ATHENA project aims to support the Higher Education sector in becoming more interconnected, innovative and inclusive. The project is funded by Erasmus + and will run for two and a half years. With this meeting, we marked the beginning of a multi-disciplinary effort to create solutions that will provide significant societal benefits.

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