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Why join EURASHE?

As the main promoter of Applied Higher Education in Europe, EURASHE provides a range of membership services and benefits to support the development of its members and ensure that they play an active role in shaping the future of European Applied Higher Education.

Eurashe Members


Membership categories

Application procedure

1. Make your voice heard and promoted through direct representation towards policy-makers

EURASHE represents its members and defends their interests towards European and national policy-makers, in the Bologna Follow-Up Group (BFUG), in expert groups and initiatives set up by the European Union institutions, and in cooperation with its partners in the E4-Group.

EURASHE reports, studies, statements and policy papers feed into policy debates on crucial issues relating to professional higher education.

2. Belong to a forward-looking network of professional support and expertise

Be involved in working groups.

EURASHE working groups, defined by members, address topics of interest for the professional higher education sector. The outcomes help members progress further and feed into the formulation of project funding proposals or policy recommendations, thus contributing to the sustainable development of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). Members are invited to join one or more of the groups.

Participate in and host EURASHE events.

EURASHE events address issues of interest to professional higher education institutions and represent a valuable opportunity for education experts and professionals to network, share their perspectives, best practices and exchange information. Members have the opportunity to put their institutions in the spotlight by hosting these events.

Cooperate with members and stakeholders.

Joining a European network of professional higher education institutions and organisations is a great way to meet potential partners to collaborate with. EURASHE provides members with assistance and support to develop bi-lateral and multi-lateral partnerships and activities to promote transnational cooperation among its members. EURASHE also helps its members cooperate with stakeholders in higher education inside or outside the EHEA.

3. Access ad-hoc consultancy services

EURASHE offers expert support to its members on issues related to the adoption and implementation of the Bologna reforms at the institutional level in their specific national context.

5. Stay updated with news and information

EURASHE regularly disseminates the latest developments and expertise in professional higher education to its members and stakeholders through publications, studies, the website, social media and the monthly newsletter.

4. Participate in interesting and innovative projects

EURASHE develops innovative and hands-on projects in response to the challenges facing European higher education. Our projects involve professional higher education institutions and stakeholders and aim to generate new models for tackling today’s economic and social challenges. Our approach is multi‐disciplinary, politically independent and combines (applied) research and policy development with concrete initiatives.

6. Boost visibility and use EURASHE’s logo

By joining EURASHE and being listed on our website, your organisation will gain visibility at the European level. Members are allowed to use the EURASHE logo in their channels of communication.

Membership categories

Full membership

Open to national associations of higher education institutions in the EHEA and higher education institutions within the EHEA.

From 1.717€

Affiliate membership

Open to recognised individual higher education institutions and national associations of higher education institutions outside the EHEA. 

Institutions of higher education or national associations of higher education institutions within the EHEA that do not meet all full membership criteria. 

As well as international associations of higher education institutions and any other bona fide organisation active in the field of higher education worldwide. 

From 927€

associate membership

Open to any legal entity that has an interest in professional higher education and supports the mission and aims of the Association. 

From 750€

Application procedure

Applications for membership are examined and decided upon by the Board of EURASHE, which meets monthly. To apply, please send us the following documents, duly completed and signed:

    •  Proof of legal existence (e.g. registration document)
    • External Quality Assurance Certificate for individual Higher Education Institutions (compulsory for Full Members)
    • Descriptive information (e.g. annual report, list of members, course book)
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