Communities of Practice

EURASHE Communities of Practice (CoPs) are spaces where members, academic staff, experts and students gather to exchange good practices, share experiences, contribute to capacity building, and shape together the future of Professional Higher Education.

Three thematic priorities, corresponding to the three CoPs, are at the forefront of the EURASHE strategy:


Jon Altuna | Mondragon University

Ulf-Daniel Ehlers | DHBW

Marta Rodrigues | EURASHE

Quality Assurance

Anna Tecilazić | Algebra University College

Eltjo Bazen | HU Utrecht

Jakub Grodecki | EURASHE

Applied Research

Nijolė Zinkevičienė | Vilnius UAS

Thomas Berger | Fulda UAS

John Edwards | EURASHE


All CoPs are guided by one member of the EURASHE Secretariat and two co-leaders, one of which is also a member of the Board. The Communities of Practice are formed by two groups:

  • Core Group: Formed by a maximum of 20 participants, including the two co-leaders and the EURASHE staff member. They meet online 4 times a year and twice physically.
  •  Wider Group: Open to anyone and without a maximum number of participants.
CoP structure
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