PL4SD – Peer Learning for the Social Dimension

EURASHE is in the stakeholders’ forum of the PL4SD project on Peer Learning for the Social Dimension.

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The objective of the PL4SD project is to provide policy-makers and practitioners with resources to develop effective measures for ensuring the social dimension of the European Higher Education Area. In line with the aim of the Bucharest Communiqué of 2012, the expected outcomes of the PL4SD project will:

  • Lead to more transparency in current developments, allowing the actors in the field to assess their own performance as well as to monitor their progress towards reaching the targets set within the EHEA;
  • Stimulate international exchange and debate on policy measures and add more creativity to tackling difficulties within the field of the social dimension in higher education;
  • Enable peer learning and ease the implementation of policy measures by other countries, higher education institutions and students’ organisations;
  • Structure the information and collect relevant reports and research on the policies at national levels, providing a solid basis for further research;
  • Inform national and international policy makers and stakeholders in all countries of the EHEA several times during the lifetime of the project about its progress towards these goals.
Following are EURASHE news items related to the project:

  • Outcomes of the PL4SD project: peer-learning, country profiles, reports 23/2/2016 - The PL4SD project, on Peer Learning for the Social Dimension, has completed its activities at the end of 2015. The final project report is now available. The document includes an... Read more
  • Data collection on the social dimension of the European Higher Education Area 12/11/2013 - As part of the commitments taken by ministers of the European Higher Education Area in the 2012 Bucharest Communiqué to develop a system of voluntary peer learning and a pilot project... Read more
  • Following are events related to the project:

    PL4SD Conference: The Social Dimension in European Higher Education
    Vienna (Austria), 25 Feb 2015 - 27 Feb 2015,
    PL4SD Conference on Peer Learning for the Social Dimension of the EHEA
    Vienna (Austria), 2 Apr 2014 - 3 Apr 2014,
    PL4SD Stakeholders' Forum meeting
    Dublin (Ireland), 17 Apr 2013 - 18 Apr 2013,
    Following are the partners of the project, EURASHE is in the stakeholders’ forum:

  • European Students’ Union (ESU) - The European Students’ Union (ESU) is an umbrella organisation of 47 National Unions of Students from 39 countries. The aim of ESU is to represent and promote the educational, social,... Read more
  • German Centre for Research on Higher Education and Science Studies (DZHW) - DZHW carries out basic research with practical applications in the field of higher education and the sciences. It sees itself as a partner of as well as service provider for... Read more
  • Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS) - The Institute for Advanced Studies is an independent, non-profit research Institute covering the areas of Economics, Political Science, and Sociology. Since its inception in 1963 the IHS has been, and... Read more
  • Institute for the Development of Education (IDE) - The Institute for the Development of Education advocates a system of higher education that ensures equal educational opportunities, adheres to the principle of quality assurance, promotes international cooperation, supports lifelong... Read more

    Following are some of the experts involved in the project: