The EURASHE Board recently held an in-person meeting at the Technological University of the Shannon (TUS). The main agenda item was the mid-term review of the EURASHE 2023-2025 Strategy, in which the Board reflected on the growth in membership as well as its impact across a range of policy areas.

The Board reviewed the identity of EURASHE in light of changes to higher education systems, including the creation of Technological Universities in Ireland and the emergence of applied European University Alliances.  The Board agreed to make proposals on how EURASHE brands itself in this new context, which will be presented to the General Assembly before the Annual Conference in May.

In addition to its meeting, the Board joined a meeting of the TUS Regional Leadership Forum. TUS President, Prof. Vincent Cunnane presented some exemplars of successful regional engagement, and there was a keynote address on Leadership in Regional Engagement from Prof. Eamonn Murphy, Midwest Regional Enterprise Plan Steering Group Chair. The Board also had the opportunity to participate in the Explore Engineering event at Shannon Airport, where regional employers and the two universities inspire young people to embark on a career in engineering.

“It was a fantastic visit to TUS”, says EURASHE President Hannes Raffaseder, “where the Board had the opportunity to closely exchange in person, helped by the wonderful hospitality of Vincent Cunnane and our Board member Liam Brown. Secretary General John Edwards highlights that “the creation of Technological Universities is strengthening the Irish higher education system, and they are great partners for EURASHE members”.