University of Malaga (UMA)

The University of Malaga (UMA) is one of Spain’s premiere institutions of higher learning. Since its foundation back in 1972, UMA has rapidly expanded its international presence and prestige. Currently, UMA has two campuses, more than 35.000 students, 2.400 professors, 23 faculties and schools, 82 departments, 200 educational programmes, about 200 Ph.D. thesis/year, 278 research groups, more than 400 projects and more than 1.800 business contacts.

UMA is strongly committed to entrepreneurship and the creation of new companies. Those initiatives are quite spread along the university and are coordinated by the Vice Rectorate for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Thanks to this activity, UMA is nowadays one key element of the regional entrepreneurial ecosystem, materialised in the centre Link by UMA-Atech.

Link is a common space for universities and companies to arise creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. It is a place where the university community has the chance to learn and experiment, while companies find out great professionals. The link works as a hub, a place that connects different actors from the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. Participation of UMA and Link in projects such Boundary Spanners will help to enhance its role as an inno-mediator in the close environment and to expand its impact at the international level.

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