SGroup European Universities’ Network (SGroup)

SGroup registered under Spanish Law in 1992. It is composed of over 30 universities from 15 European countries that aim to strengthen their institutionalisation capacities, to expand their collaboration opportunities in education and research and to improve the quality of their governance, teaching, research and administrative practices. It seeks to achieve this through 1) Strategic alliances 2) Project collaboration 3) Transfer of knowledge 4) academic mobility. With a solid structure and established relations in Europe, the SGroup runs successful collaboration with Latin America, the USA, Mediterranean Region, Eastern Partnership, and China. It fosters university collaboration in doctoral education, joint programmes, and mobility schemes. The SGroup has participated in a wide range of multilateral projects under the framework of Erasmus Mundus Action 1,2 and 3, Lifelong Learning Programme and the Alfa Programme. The SGroup has extensive experience in co-ordinating and implementing EU funding programmes implemented both within the EU and globally. The network co-ordinated the biggest EU-funded mobility programme – AlBan between 2002-2010 that funded 3319 Latin American students with a budget of 100 million Euro. It has developed its own mobility scheme for academic mobility InterContinental Academic Exchange Programme – ICon Programme which enables online administration of student mobility between Europe and the Eastern partnership, Latin America and China.

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