25 year old Miranda Pastor is the new Communication and Events Assistant of EURASHE. Get to know her better through this interview, where she shares her views about EURASHE, professional experiences, and artistic inspirations.


Hello Miranda, could you introduce yourself to the EURASHE network? Who are you?    

 First and foremost, I could say I am passionate about communicating ideas, culture, and education. That is why I studied a degree in Fine Arts in Barcelona and later graduated with a master’s in Research in Art and Creation in Madrid. These studies also gave me the enthusiasm to learn as many things as possible and work persistently. I am also fascinated by learning new languages and trying to learn about those cultures. After all, communication is about listening and understanding others.


What experiences from your previous jobs will help you in this new role?   

Some days ago, I finished a traineeship at the European Economic and Social Committee as Communication, events, and graphic design assistant. I also worked as a Graphic designer and teacher for the artistic collective Las Tipias. These experiences are important for me as they have been a way to give importance to both textual and visual communication, and to start to professionalise myself in the event sector on a European-wide level.

What would you like to learn as a Communication and Events Assistant?   

One of the key points of this position is to try to organise and create quality events in a hybrid or presential mode. So, I would like to see the development and endpoint of a significant event like the Annual Conference. When everything is changing so fast, and events must adapt to new regulations and technologies, I am lucky to see these processes from the inside.

25 year old Miranda Pastor is the new Communication and Events Assistant of EURASHE.

What are the first tasks you are working on?     

I am currently working on the promotion and registration processes for the EURASHE 31st Annual Conference, as well as the Research Community of Practice in Fulda.


The Annual Conference is one of EURASHE’s big events. Which do you think are the keys to making it successful?     

The essential elements are participants and content. The content is being selected and the contributions’ quality it is good and encouraging for the future of PHE. This will give participants an excellent and valuable experience, which I think is our key objective.


You studied fine arts. What made you choose that degree?       

Since I was a child, I always loved to draw and paint. So, from an early age I wanted to study arts and my family strongly encouraged me. The arts world and these studies are precious to me, so now I follow two career paths: one as communications and events professional, and the other as young artist. If you are curious, you can check it out at my Instagram account or visit a current collective exhibition in Liège, Belgium.


Tell us, what is your biggest inspiration?        

People in general are what inspires me the most. Whether it is close ones or people I have no relation with, everyone has their stories, wishes, and ambitions. It is complex and powerful, and essentially human.


How does a perfect day for you look like?

In reality, I do not have a closed idea of what a perfect day is. I would say that any day can be good if I can spend time with people I love and do what I am passionate about.

A wish?

A better future for both society and the planet.

A song?

“Feel good” by Polo & Pan.