Maja Momiroska is the new Executive Officer of EURASHE. Get to know her better through this interview, where she shares her views about EURASHE, interests, and motivations.

Hello Maja, could you introduce yourself to the EURASHE network? Who are you?

The most challenging question is the answer I research every day. What characterises me as a person is an optimism. There is almost no situation where I cannot find a positive side. I want to maintain a positive atmosphere, and I create one. I am an extrovert and cherish family and social relationships with great love and devotion. Discovering new worlds in books is my greatest passion, along with the talent and desire to dive into the vastness of my thought when I write. It is a tremendous honour for me that as part of the team of the Australian eYs Magazine, I have been recognised as a Human rights and social impact advocate, supporting vulnerable global communities. Since I was a child, I have advocated for justice, so finishing law studies would lead me to fulfil some higher mission where injustice does not exist.


What experiences from your previous jobs will help you in this new role?
I spent the first years of my career in a fast-growing company in the payment card industry, which, both then and today, is reaching its heights of growth. Growing there professionally as a Legal and HR Advisor, I learned that the importance of the team and joint growth has no limit. We actively worked on ISO and PCI DSS certification, creating procedures and policies to help my new professional challenges in EURASHE.
Later, I had the honour of being an Advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia for economic questions and coordination. I worked full steam ahead on the five sectors, of which education and the project for the introduction of dual education pushed me into this sphere.
Later I worked on the Study of comparative legal analysis of associations’ laws and regimes in the EU, commissioned by DG GROW, EC, which is undoubtedly a great experience in addition to my new role.


After a few days in EURASHE already, how do you see the organisation?
I am honoured to be a part of a team of professionals with great plans and goals. My first impressions are related to the positive atmosphere, effective communication and attitude that encourages trust and fosters creativity in the team, which I am delighted to join.
At the same time, as the leading promoter of Professional Higher Education in Europe, EURASHE, together with its members, contributes to the development of PHE, supporting the development and transformation of European society. What makes me curious are the projects in which EURASHE is involved with PHE institutions and stakeholders aiming to generate new models for tackling today’s economic and social challenges.


What are your main goals as the new Executive Officer?

I will be involved in sustaining processes and strategy and developing and monitoring procedures and policies in the Secretariat. I will also be in charge of HR and legal issues while coordinating project administration, finances, planning and implementation. A relatively extensive and highly challenging role to which I am excited to contribute. However, the support I have received and the successful path they have created keeps me going. 


Maja Momiroska

What are the first tasks you are working on?
I am involved in many different processes. We started the year with great enthusiasm, aiming at the realisation of the strategic objectives of the association. I am currently engaged in the projects’ financial reports and identifying areas to create more effective processes within the organisation. I look forward to getting involved and contributing to the organisation of the 32nd annual conference of EURASHE, which will focus on how PHE can help meet the skills gaps Europe is facing and develop the broader competencies required for green and digital transitions.


Which do you think should be the main priorities for EURASHE?
After the announcement of the European Commission that 2023 will be the European Year of Skills, EURASHE has already dedicated the next annual conference to this topic. Through green and digital transitions, new opportunities and directions for developing the European economy are open for people. EURASHE and its members are fully committed and focused on the 4th goal for sustainable development, quality education. Recently EURASHE adopted a Strategy until 2025, whose thematic priorities illuminate the roadmap along which the association traces its significant role, focusing on skills and research for innovation.


What are the main challenges facing Higher Education Institutions?
As always, today, HEIs are facing enormous challenges. As one of the most critical needs, I could point out precisely the increased need for lifelong learning in a non-linear world, driven by the need to acquire new skills and competencies necessary for societal development. Another additional challenge is, emerging technology and digital innovation and how it affects the learning process of individuals, as well as the open question of how to ensure the quality of modern programmes and new teaching methods.


Tell us, what is your biggest inspiration?
My children. Those beautiful smiles and warm hugs, daily pursuit of new knowledge and enthusiasm for progress teach me and complete me.


How does a perfect day look for you?
Today’s day. Every “today” is usually my “perfect” day. For me, life does not have to be perfect to be remarkable.


A wish?
To be able to answer the first question differently every day, once again discovering new depths in me.


A song?
It’s my life – Bon Jovi.