Don F. Westerheijden

Don F. Westerheijden is senior research associate at the Center for Higher Education Policy Studies (CHEPS) of the University of Twente (Netherlands), where since over 20 years he co-ordinates research on quality management and is involved in co-ordination and supervision of PhD students. He publishes articles and books on quality assurance in higher education in the Netherlands and Europe, its impacts, and on transparency tools (currently, he is a member of the teams developing U-Map and U-Multirank). He was involved in a large number of (Tempus) projects to modernise and quality assure higher education in Central and Eastern Europe between 1991 and 2005, co-developed since 1993 the CRE/EUA Institutional Evaluation Programme, the first international institutional quality review, evaluated the quality assurance procedure in Hong Kong (1998/1999) and led the independent assessment of the Bologna Process in 2009/2010. Currently he is supporting the committee introducing and monitoring performance contract funding in Dutch higher education.