Slava Pevec Grm

Slava Pevec Grm works as a senior expert in the Qualifications and Learning Outcomes team at Cedefop. Her main focus of research is monitoring the implementation of national qualifications frameworks in European countries and analysing their impact on education and training reforms and the EQF implementation. She has coordinated, supervised and co-drafted the study on Qualifications at EQF level 5 and is currently involved in the comparative study on the application of learning outcomes approaches across Europe. As a member of various European working groups, including the EQF Advisory group and the working group on recognition of learning outcomes, she contributes actively to the development of European policy in vocational education and training. Before joining Cedefop in May 2009, she had worked for ten years at the National Institute for Vocational Education and Training in Slovenia. She has published in the fields of national qualifications frameworks and curriculum developments, textbooks, validation of non-formal learning and quality assurance. She holds Master Degree in Science from the University of Ljubljana.