Žarko Nožica

Žarko Nožica is professor and scientist. He obtained his masters and PhD degrees at University of Zagreb (Croatia). Mr Nožica has over 25 years of experience in University (Croatia) and Industry environment (California, USA). Previously he held a number of senior positions in the industry in the USA: As Vice President he managed the Applications engineering organisation In LEDA Systems, Inc. He was director of Corporate applications engineering and methodology development organization at SONICS, Inc, Mountain View. Mr Nožica was also a senior manager at Cadence Design Systems, inc., California. Positions in higher education included: a member of the faculty at the University of Zagreb, Pro-rector at the Polytechnic of Zagreb, Dean at University College of Applied Computer Engineering. Mr Nožica was intensively involved in envision, development of programs, curricula and establishment of the new institutions in the field of Higher professional education in Croatia. Mr Nožica is currently a member of EURASHE’s Council. Moreover, he is also a member of the Area Council for Technical Sciences in his home organisation the Croatian Council of Universities and University Colleges of Applied Sciences. Mr Nožica is a member of the Advisory Committee of Croatian experts on Bologna related processes.