Rosário Gambôa

Rosário Gambôa has been the President of the Polytechnic of Porto since 2010. She has a Doctorate in Philosophy from the University of Minho (2001) and a Post-graduate Course and Master’s Degree in Philosophy of Education. Rosário Gambôa has a long withstanding academic career, she has held several management, scientific and pedagogical coordination positions and she has spoken at more than one hundred conferences, meetings, seminars and congresses at both national and international levels. 

Rosário Gambôa is an author of several scientific publications. Simultaneously she has been fully and actively involved in civic duty and public service, taking part in several institutions and projects.

Amongst other jobs and positions, she is currently a member of the Board of Directors of Casa da Música,  a member of the Board of Associação Comercial do Porto and a member of the Board of Coliseu do Porto.