We are pleased to announce that Metropolia University of Applied Sciences (Finland) has become a full member of EURASHE.

Metropolia UAS emerged in 2008 after the fusion of EVTEK University of Applied Sciences and Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia. It currently welcomes around 16200 students over four campuses in Helsinki capital region: Arabia, Karamalmi, Myllypuro, and Myyrmäki. The innovative university aims to teach and promote new and fresh ideas to face global challenges such as climate change, improving care for an ageing population, or data automation. Altogether it offers more than 40 Bachelor degrees, 28 Master programmes and has several innovation hubs within the fields of Culture, Business, Social services, Health care and Technology.

Metropolia is part of numerous networks and partnerships with both European and international higher education institutions. Recently it submitted a proposal to coordinate a European University Network of six urban-focused Universities of Applied Sciences, called U!REKA SHIFT. It builds on enhanced cooperation among the institutions since 2016, and has a vision to create a profound shift towards climate neutral and eventually climate positive societies. EURASHE is one of 30 associated partners in this European University Alliance proposal.