University of Telecommunications and Post


1 Akad. Stefan Mladenov Str.
1700 Sofia (Bulgaria)

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The University of Telecommunications and Post (UTP) is a fast-developing specialized professional higher education institution, where a 140-year tradition meets cutting edge innovation in the field of Telecommunications, ICT, Cybersecurity, SMART – leadership and Management of the IT, telecom ad postal services. It has around 1500 students from Bulgaria and the neighbouring Serbia, North Macedonia, Turkey, as well as students from Albania, Moldova, and Ukraine. An academic and administrative staff of 70 people moves the university forward.

One of the key strengths of UTP is its close link to business. The University develops its curricula in partnership with various business stakeholders to meet current labour market requirements as closely as possible. University Hi-Tech labs are equipped by its business partners and practitioners, employed by them, offer practice-driven training courses to UTP students.

UTP is one of the most successful HEIs with labour market-oriented curricula. Most students find relevant job opportunities during their studies at the University. UTP features state-of-the-art technical labs for various purposes, such as (1) firewalls and simulation of cyber-attacks, (2) IP Telephony (with a hub for up to 500,000 terminal posts), (3) video surveillance, and (4) mobile telephony.

In 2023, UTP started the first hybrid specialities in Bulgaria:

  1. Telemedicine and Software Development in Medicine: a joint programme with two Medical Universities in Bulgaria.
  2. Communication Technology for Air Traffic Control, developed together with the Airforce Academy.