Saxion University of Applied Sciences


M. H. Tromplaan 28
7513 AB Enschede (Netherlands)

[email protected]

Saxion UAS

Saxion is a regionally focused university of applied science with an international orientation in education, research and entrepreneurship, with three locations in Apeldoorn, Deventer and Enschede.

As the world is becoming more and more international, Saxion makes sure its students are equipped to face this reality. Their international orientation prepares students for the national and international labour market and gives them the competences these markets call for. Internationalisation of education and research is not an end in itself, but a way of providing better education and enhancing research. The applied education and research at Saxion contributes to issues at a global, Euregio and regional level, as well as to society and the relevant professional fields, as the University does this in almost all continents of the world. But especially in the E³UDRES² alliance with eight other similar European universities.