International Business College Mitrovica


Bislim Bajgora
40000 Mitrovica (Kosovo)

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The International business College Mitrovica (IBC-M) is an independent higher education institution establishment founded by the Dutch NGO SPARK, with donations from Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Swiss Development Cooperation, DFID, the European Commission and the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as the Ministry of Education, Science, and technology of Kosovo. It was first registered in the Netherlands and Kosovo, but in March 2018 it was registered as an independent not for profit educational foundation in Kosovo, under the umbrella of the Ministry of Public Administration. Its current donor is the European Union.

Its status of not-for-profit educational foundation has allowed IBC-M to operate as an independent International Business School under the Kosovo Higher Education Law. IBC-M is accredited by both German Accreditation Agency Evalag (Evaluationsagentur Baden-Wuerttemberg) and the Kosovo Accreditation Agency (KAA). 

IBC-M offers the following study programs:

  • Bachelor degree in International Sales and Marketing;
  • Bachelor degree in Public Service Management;
  • Bachelor degree in Environmental and Agricultural Management;
  • Master’s degree in international management and leadership.