Hungarian Rectors Conference


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1068 Budapest (Hungary)

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The Hungarian Rectors’ Conference (HRC) is registered as a public corporation by the court. The whole higher education institution system is represented by HRC, a body comprising the heads of higher education institutions in accordance with the regulation of operation of HRC laid down in its Statutes.

The Hungarian Rectors’ Conference is an independent public corporation entitled to represent higher education institutions and to protect their interests. HRC is an independent, consultative organisation with legal personality, which participates in state projects. The Statutes of HRC establish a four-level system of organization:

  1. Plenary Session (comprising 63 rectors);
  2. Committee (at present, there are 21 committees: 13 academic + 8 functional);
  3. Presidency (comprising 11+3 members).
  4. Secretariat.