University of Applied Sciences Utrecht


Padualaan 101
3584 CH Utrecht (Netherlands)

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With high-quality education and research, the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (HU) aims to contribute to the innovation and professionalisation of professional practice and talent development, adding to the social, cultural and economic growth towards an open, just and sustainable society.

As an organisation, the institution works on the basis of three core values:

  1. Being future-oriented. Through their education and practice-based research, they educate tomorrow’s professionals and work on mission-driven challenges: solving important social issues.
  2. Working together. Together, we can better find answers and solutions to societal challenges. HU takes a cross-disciplinary perspective in doing so, both within and outside the institution.
  3. HU is an open, just and sustainable community. Inclusion, integrity and safety form the rich breeding ground for its thinking and actions.

HU focuses on four areas of expertise: sustainability, public health, quality of education, and digitalisation.