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Fontys University of Applied Sciences is located in the Netherlands, in one of the most innovative regions of Europe. It’s an ideal place for those fascinated by technology, entrepreneurship, and creativity, and a welcoming place for those who wish to improve their skills. At our campuses, we welcome students from over 100 countries, divided into an extensive range of bachelor, master and exchange programmes.

Our teaching method focuses on the following five principles, which are key to all our courses:

(1) We challenge students to discover and optimally develop their talents;

(2) Learning takes place as much as possible in an authentic learning environment (i.e. a situation that ‘resembles’ the student’s future work environment);

(3) Learning means acquiring knowledge and skills as well as exploring and experiencing together. We take ‘together’ literally: we work together with fellow students, teachers, researchers, and professionals working in the field;

(4) The student takes ownership of their learning process. In other words: as a student, we give you as much control as possible over what, how and when you learn. This not only means that our students are given a great deal of autonomy and freedom; we also expect them to show a strong sense of responsibility.

(5) ‘Studyability’ is central. By this we mean that we offer a fair balance between challenge and feasibility.