Webinar on Institutional Strategies for Digital Education


EURASHE is organising a webinar on Institutional Strategies for Digital Education that falls into the StrategyHack project, whose core goal is to support mid-level institutional leaders in the attainment of sustainable digital education models by providing them with a set of tools. For the completion of tools for the Capacity-Building Course on Digital Education Strategies, the consortium has been developing a course for mid-level institutional leaders and a Hackathon series as part of a peer-learning methodology for digitalisation strategy improvement. Currently, we are moving towards developing a model management system for digital education, and the referred webinar will play an important role in outlining the model strategy. The webinar will l focus on Digital Technologies and Curriculum Internationalisation, corresponding to area 5 of the capacity-building course above mentioned, and participants (mid-level institutional leaders) will discuss, feed the discussion and contribute to the model management system for digital education in a multi-institutional event.



Mar 2023


Provisional agenda
23 March 2023  | 15:00 -16:00 CET
  • Setting the scene on the EU policy on digitalisation in Higher Education
    Ivana JURAGA,  DG EAC, Digital Education Unit, European Commission
  • What has been achieved with the StrategyHack project: capacity-building course, framework, institutional context
  • Model management system for digital education: paving the way for operationalising the transformation of education focusing on the Capacity Building Course on Digital Education Strategies: Area 5. Institutional Change