Skills Community of Practice at the LLLWeek 2023

Good practices in Applied Higher Education for all


Dec 2023

European Parliament

Brussels, Belgium

During this workshop, the Skills Community of Practice will be showcasing initiatives and projects contributing to skills development in Europe and on how to embed transversal competences in formal, non-formal and informal learning environments, while putting the participants reflect on those and other inclusive initiatives that lead or that could to that end.

This event is organised in collaboration with the Lifelong Learning Platform and the European Parliament, in the context of the LLLWeek 2023.

The Skills Community of Practice brings together institutions, associations and policymakers working on skills development within the Education and training sector, providing a space for learning and new ideas for optimising skills ecosystems at national and regional levels. This workshop marks the second event for the wider community of the Skills CoP, being also open to everyone keen to learn from and contribute to the discussions around the topic. In collaboration with the MEP João Albuquerque, everyone involved in this workshop will be able to contribute with experience and knowledge for shaping together the future of skills in Europe and will lead to a short report on good practices and recommendations!


European Parliament, ASP 3H1 | Brussels, Belgium

1 December

Setting the scene: EURASHE Skills CoP

  • Objectives of the CoP
  • Scope and objectives of the workshop
  • Expected outcomes

Skills CoP co-leaders & EURASHE


The European Year of Skills: from the political process to practice

MEP João Albuquerque

10:25-10:35 Q&A

Round of presentations of good practices on Skills

ATU offerings – Ruth Moran & Michael Hannon, Atlantic Technological University Sligo

ABCD – The Alliance of Boundary Crossing for Deep Tech project – Nata Japiashvili, Budapest Metropolitan University

STr-EATs – Yulia Krijthe, Hotelschool The Hague

TRANSVAL-EU – Sylvie Bonichon, Expert in higher education, recognition (especially RPL and VNIFL), mobility, and lifelong learning

TUS offerings – Lorna Walsh, University, Technological University of the Shannon Midlands Midwest

Meridies Consortium – Marta Rodrigues, EURASHE

11:35-11:55 Q&A

Closing remarks

Skills CoP co-leaders & EURASHE