EURASHE Membership Webinar

Getting the most from EURASHE Membership


Oct 2023

Webinar | Online

14:00 -15:00h CEST

Join us to know how better to use your EURASHE membership, or why your institution should join. EURASHE has 56 members, from 32 countries, representing more than 550 Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Europe and beyond. But how can you mobilize this network, raise the profile of your institution, learn, shape policy, or even help lead the association?

In the last two years EURASHE has gone through a number of changes, with elections to the Board in 2021 and 2023, new strategy and new personnel in the Secretariat. This is your opportunity to become a more active EURASHE member or assess whether your institution should consider applying for membership.



Why EURASHE? Strategy, Ambitions and Objectives
Membership Benefits and Categories
Member Testimonial: Ana Tecilazić, ALGEBRA University College, Croatia
Current and Upcoming Activities
Member testimonial: Mona Roman, Metropolia UAS, Finland
Questions and Answers