Community of Practice Fulda

Over the past decade, research and innovation activities have been gaining more importance within the mission and profile of professional higher education (PHE), namely Universities of applied sciences. The recent global developments, emerging climate, societal and digital challenges and urgency for specific local solutions opened new opportunities for professional higher education institutions, focusing on applied sciences and skills based on a close partnership with the world of work and local ecosystems. These aspects have also been reflected in various European initiatives and funding schemes, not only within Horizon Europe, Recovery and Resilience Facility but also in various national and regional provisions often supported by EU funding.

The EURASHE Research Community of Practice (ResCoP) has been launched as a platform for practitioners and leaders from PHE institutions in charge of internationalisation of research and innovation to provide opportunity for mutual learning, exchange of views and experience regarding the concept, specifics, various approaches to research and innovation within PHE institutions (universities of applied sciences), as well as exchange on concrete tools and instruments related to research, innovation and education with the regional focus as key pillars of PHE mission.


Nov 2021

Fulda (Germany) | Online

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The Community of Practice webinar should serve as a preparatory introduction to the later workshop in Fulda, Germany on 1 April 2022, which will build the interactive small group discussions based on UAS Fulda case and input gathered from the webinar participants. It is expected that practical issues like capacity for following European policies and funding schemes/existence and role of liaison person, internal capacity planning and motivation for EU funding, challenges and positives of developing internal research support strategy, engagement of partners and stakeholders, capacity and profile of UAS researchers… might be addressed.

  • Stijn Delaure – Policy Officer, academic research and innovation policy, DG RTD, European Commission
  • Armando Pires – EURASHE President
  • Thomas Berger – EU staff unit, Hessian Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science and the Arts
  • Viktoria Beinrott – European research management and international relations at Hochschule Fulda

Moderated by John Edwards, EURASHE Secretary-General

  • 14:30 – 14:40 Welcome by John Edwards, EURASHE Secretary General
  • 14:40 – 15:10 Opportunities and challenges for EU funding of user-oriented research at universities of applied sciences, partnership with the world of work
    • Stijn Delaure, Policy Officer, European Commission DG RTD
  • 15:10 – 15:25 EURASHE – Research related policies and priorities
    • Armando Pires, EURASHE President
  • 15:25 – 15:40 State of Hessen, Germany – Support for UAS activities and instruments
    • Thomas Berger, EU staff unit, Hessian Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science and the Arts
  • 15:40 – 16:10UAS Fulda case: Institutional strategy for EU and national support for research
    • Viktoria Beinrott, EU research management and international relations, UAS Fulda
  • 16:10 – 16:25 Discussion, questions & answers
  • 16:25 – 16:30 Wrap and conclusions