Université Pierre-Mendès-France – Grenoble (UPMF)

Pierre Mendès-France University (Université Pierre Mendès France, or UPMF) is a French university, based in Grenoble, focusing on social sciences. It is named after the late French politician Pierre Mendès-France. Its campus is located mainly in Grenoble, but some of its part are outside of the city, in particular there is one in Valence.It was established in 1339 as part of University of Grenoble. In 1970 following a fate of many big French universities, University of Grenoble was separated into three specialized institutions – Pierre Mendès-France University (social science), Joseph Fourier University (science and technology), and Stendhal University (languages).Starting 2013 there was some movement towards reconciliation. Pierre Mendès-France University, two of its counterparts, and several other institutions will reunite in early 2016 and form one common University Rhone Alpes, which will become alma mater for over 60 000 students.

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