Institute of Tourism Studies

The Institute of Tourism Studies is a vocational and higher education institution aimed at meeting the changing needs of the Hospitality and Tourism Industry. It currently employs 195 members of Staff
and welcomes 606 students.

The Institute provides courses and programmes of learning including practical and work experience, that lead to recognised Qualifications in accordance with the Malta Qualifications Framework, in
trades, skills and professions as may be necessary in the tourism, restaurants and the catering industry and services, including by distance learning and or by any effective means and from any
suitable place according to the objective of the course of programme. The courses and programmes also include suitable course and programme options for industry per-entrants and
specialised programmes for personnel in the tourism industry. The Institute ensures that the courses and programmes aim to develop, technical, generic and behavioural skills and competencies,
integrate theory and practice and promote modern leadership approaches. Furthermore, the work placement for learners which are an integral part of the courses and programmes are provided
according to the established quality standards as required by the Institute.

On a yearly basis, the Institute offers students the possibility to train abroad through internships. This internship is over a twelve-month period and students will be trained in areas related to their studies
in the hospitality industry, be it a hotel or a tourism enterprise. In this regard, the students receive ECTS/ECVET credits for this placement as part of their curricula. In this regard, some students receive a salary from the host enterprise. Students who do not receive a salary may benefit from EU funds for VET mobility to help them cover their expenses. Over the years, many students benefited from such funds but as of 2017 ITS embarked on a new strategy. Diploma students are encouraged to take up salary-based placements. Furthermore, as from academic year 2017-2018 ITS opened its doors to degree courses. In this regard participants will embark on a Higher Education study mobility overseas supported by EU Higher Education funds. Such a module is embedded in the course curriculum. The Europass mobility document is also offered and explained prior to the mobility activities of all participants. This experience gives the students the possibility of developing holistically and gaining an international perspective of what their needs entail.

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