European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education (ENAEE)

The mission of ENAEE is to serve the public and society through the promotion and advancement of engineering education in Europe and abroad. ENAEE aims at building a pan-European framework for the accreditation of engineering education programmes, in order to enhance the quality of engineering graduates, to facilitate the mobility of professional engineers and to promote quality and innovation in engineering education. To achieve these goals, ENAEE has established a de-centralized system (EUR-ACE) for the standards of accreditation of engineering education degree programmes, leading to pan-European recognition of national accreditation decisions. ENAEE carries out its mission by evaluating quality assurance and accreditation agencies in the EHEA in respect of their standards and procedures when accrediting engineering degree programmes. Those agencies which satisfy ENAEE in respect of these matters are authorised by ENAEE to award the EUR-ACE label to the engineering degree programmes which they accredit. As of the end of December 2015, 13 agencies have been authorised by ENAEE to award the EUR-ACE label; about 2000 engineering programmes in Europe and worldwide have been awarded with the EUR-ACE label.

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