Conference of Academies of Applied Studies Serbia (CAASS)


The Conference of academies for applied studies in Serbia (CAASS), established on the basis of the Law on Higher Education, is an umbrella association of non-university higher education institutions in Serbia. CAASS has 62 members. The members of CAASS are accredited higher education institutions, academies and higher schools of vocational studies in Serbia (47 state and 15 private higher schools of vocational studies). In accordance with the Statute, CAASS has built an organisational structure consisting of the Assembly, the President of CAASS and the Presidency. The Assembly has parliamentary committees on educational-scientific and educational-artistic fields in whose jurisdiction issues specifically related to the activities of a member of the relevant educational-scientific and artistic fields are debates. CAASS is, within the territory of the Republic of Serbia, regionally connected through seven regional centers as well as their organisational units operating in the jurisdiction in the territory in which they were formed. The Conference of academies for applied studies in Serbia is a member of the European Association of Institutions of Higher Education (EURASHE). Within its competence, the CAASS’ activities include:

  • consider issues of common interest for the improvement of teaching and professional development, and educational and artistic activities in vocational studies;
  • harmonise views and coordinate the activities of vocational academies and colleges of vocational studies, especially in enrolment policy;
  • participate in the adoption and implementation of standards for assessing the quality of education, research, artistic and professional work;
  • propose a list of professional titles in the relevant fields; and
  • propose measures to improve the material position of vocational academies, colleges and standards of professional studies’ students.

Through its representatives CAASS participates in the work of the National Council for Higher Education Serbia, the highest regulatory authority in higher education in Serbia.

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