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This project is a follow-up to the project TEFCE – Towards a European Framework for Community Engagement in Higher Education , which developed a toolbox to support universities and policymakers in supporting community engagement. SHEFCE is continuing its predecessor’s work in supporting the community engagement of European universities. Within the framework of the project, community engagement is understood as university partnerships with external stakeholders to address societal challenges.

Project summary

The SHEFCE project aims to build the capacities of universities, policymakers and stakeholders in Europe for mainstreaming community engagement in higher education. It will do so by developing four main outputs:

  1. University action-plans for community engagement;
  2. Policy recommendations for system-level support for community engagement in higher education;
  3. A European online platform for community engagement in higher education with resources and tools to support universities and communities;
  4. Piloting a European university-community engagement ‘heatmap’ to help universities learn from good practices at universities in other countries.

EURASHE is an associated partner in the SCHEFCE project and its role includes supporting the dissemination of the project’s outcomes at the European level and providing policy advice.