BWSE FORward Proyect

The main objective of BWSE FORward project is to update the latest version of the Bologna with Students Eyes publication (2018), with the scope of analysing the new scenario, requirements for education and training and implementing it from the students’ perspective in cooperation with stakeholders.

Project summary

Students across EHEA still believe in the Bologna process but it is necessary to provide a critical overview in order to bring more coherence to HE systems. The Project is framed by the 2018 Bologna Implementation Report and Paris Communiqué and the well-known ESU’s BWSE publication produced by surveying ESU’s national unions, since 2003.

The project intends to support external researchers, technicians and experts required to analyse/verify the information collected in assembling BWSE 2020. Subsequently, respectively peer-learning activities will be organised with the involvement of different actors that play a role within the Bologna Process (20-year crossroad) to discuss the problem areas and seek solutions beyond 2020. A final conference, bringing together the experience of EU Institutions and Bodies, Ministries and Students will address the results of BWSE and the outcomes of the mutual learning to identify which topics require particular attention and present suggestions for a stronger future of the Process.

The consortium of this project will organise peer-learning activities with the involvement of different actors that play a role within the Bologna Process. They will discuss the areas that students identified as challenging and seek solutions. A final conference, gathering experts from EU institutions and bodies, as well as from ministries, together with students, will discuss the results of BWSE publication and the outcomes of the peer-learning activities. Participants will also identify the topics that require particular attention in the future.