EURASHE publishes Conclusions of its Task Force on Open Science following approval from the Board.


While there has recently been much stress placed on the importance of open science practices, there has been less attention given to the specific context of applied science. The conclusions show that greater involvement of applied universities in open science ecosystems can provide many benefits to research itself as well as to the economy and society at large. However, issues around sharing of sensitive commercial data need to be considered when publishing results of research conducted with industry.

The EURASHE Task Force on Open Science was operational between February and May 2024 and included members and leading experts, both of open science and research in applied universities. As a stakeholder observer in the ERA Forum, EURASHE will feed the conclusions into discussion on open science which is one of the Forum’s priorities.

Read the Full Conclusions here.

Members of the Taskforce that contributed this statement were: Marcel Bogers (Eindhoven University of Technology), Fabien Borget (Aix-Marseille University), Cristina Brandini (SynHERA), Katrien de Smet (AP Hogeschool Antwerpen), Martin Jaekel (Zurich University of Applied Sciences), Teemu Makkonen (Jamk University of Applied Sciences) and Gerben ter Ried (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences). The work was coordinated by Dominik Koc and John Edwards from the EURASHE Secretariat. 

Open Science Pillars

Source: UNESCO