Few weeks left for the European Parliament elections. From 6 to 9 June citizens around Europe are called to their voting centres to use their vote and democratically decide on the following years of Europe policies.

The European Parliament Elections 2024 are a unique moment when we can all collectively decide on the future of the European Union. Voting is always important, be it at local, national or European level. It is an excellent opportunity to have your say on issues that matter to you. That is why the European Parliament is running an information campaign open to all citizens, not only to spread the message about the importance of this democratic event, but also to encourage them to share their thoughts and open a wide and healthy debate on the future of European policies.

On 29 April, the European Parliament launched the Use Your Vote documentary, a four-minute video featuring older and younger generations exchanging messages about the importance of democracy and the need to take care of it. In addition, and to highlight the dates, a tool has been sent out to remind citizens by email of the voting dates in their country. Register to receive email reminders via the ‘Remind me to vote’ tool.

Young citizens also have the possibility to express their thought and voices, and from the age of 18 and in some cases from 16, they will also have the right to share their voices and vote in this elections. We wish to highlight that Higher Education institutions, as well as educators, facilitate critical thinking and the relevance of this democratic event. For this reason, the European Parliament has publish the toolkit for educators.

EURASHE is a Communication Partner of the European Parliament in order to promote the European Elections towards civil society, prioritizing young citizens and the Higher Education community.