University of Huelva


Doctor Cantero Cuadrado St. 6
21007 Huelva (Spain)

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The University of Huelva was founded in 1993 by popular demand. Since then its aim has been to provide quality teaching and research, as well as promoting economic, environmental and cultural developments in the city and province.

Huelva is an international university that is committed to the region. Close links have been forged with local businesses, whereby students are offered work placements in order to facilitate their incorporation into the work force.

The research conducted by the University has a strong impact and directly benefits our community. The staff is comprised of approximately one thousand lecturers and more than four hundred administrative and support staff. Almost 12,500 students attend the University of Huelva including about 1300 carrying out post graduate studies. The University’s unique environment combines with these features to make Huelva a distinctive university and a special place to be a student.