Andreas G. Orphanides

Professor Andreas G. Orphanides has been President of EURASHE and of EQAR as well as a consultative member of both BFUG Board and BFUG, and a member of the E4-Group. Professor Orphanides had served as Rector of European University Cyprus, Assistant Director of the Institute of Cypriot Studies at SUNY at Albany, Assistant Director of the Archaeological Expedition in Cyprus of SUNY at Albany, Vice-President of ECSA-Cyprus, member of the Ad-Hoc Committee on Cyprus’ Higher Education, and as member of both the Interim Board and the Preparatory Committee for the establishment of the Open University of Cyprus. He has a significant research record, has published several books and journal articles, as well as articles in the daily press, and has presented papers in several international conferences. Apart from his academic and administrative activities, Prof. Orphanides has systematically been working creatively with music composition and poetry. He created and published four CDs, and he composed four major symphonic works, over 25 songs (including the lyrics), and the anthems of two universities (including the lyrics).

Andreas G. Orphanides (Cyprus), 9th President of EURASHE (2011 – 2015)

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