Big Data STEM Education: “The Skills Key”

Big Data STEM Education: “The Skills Key” by Maria Begoña Peña Lang, Version 2017, EURASHE_AC_LeHavre_170330-31_pres_PENA-LANG.pdf (0.1 MB) -

A research to ensure success in learning by developing and implementing BigData Education and Learning Analytics in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Centers with monitoring both in the college stage, as in the corporative world. We believe that learning should be an uninterrupted continuous pathway through different stages of development of the person, from school to the company, passing through the University. Under this prior consideration, our primary objective will be to actively collaborate with all those agents who necessarily must intervene in this long journey, Lifelong Learning, thereby seeking to break the usual lack of communication between them. To achieve this objective, we intend to weave a powerful and effective network of synergetic connections that benefit the individual in both its academic and professional career, as well as the various agencies, institutions and companies that will give it impulse.