Workshop on how to enhance Work-based Learning and Entrepreneurship in Higher Education took place in Brussels 

EURASHE together with its WEXHE project partners European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA), the University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN), and University of Groningen organised a one day workshop ‘Enhancing Work-based Learning and Entrepreneurship in Higher Education’ on 9 October in Brussels, Belgium. The goal of the workshop was to share and discuss key issues related to further development and support of work-based learning and development of entrepreneurial competences within higher education – the concept, role of various stakeholders, key principles, role of leaders, active role of students and world of work.

The first presenter Robert Wagenaar from the University of Groningen gave an overview of the WEXHE project, and how it addresses a need to develop relevant skills and competences of students in order to make them to be prepared for the labour market and society. EURASHE Secretary General Michal Karpíšek, emphasised organisation’s role in addressing policy development of work-based learning and our activities in paying a crucial role in opening flexible learning provisions within the higher education. His presentation was followed by Dr Thomas Baaken practical example from the FH Munster University of Applied Sciences on developing hands-on entrepreneurial skills of students by offering an opportunity to solve companies’ problems and, therefore, to apply academic knowledge in real professional situations.

The second part of the workshop was devoted to the small-scale discussions on the work based learning policy, quality assurance and entrepreneurship.

The event gathered around 45 participants representing higher education, businesses sectors and students.

Presentations of the event are here.

Photos of the event are here.


More about the project

WEXHE project responds to the concerns expressed by stakeholders on the shortcomings in the labour market orientation of HE, focussing on the balance between practical and theoretical learning in HE and to mismatches between the skills sets of graduates and the skills they require during early careers. Integrating Entrepreneurship and Work Experience into Higher Education (WEXHE), enterprises, associations and universities – all having a leading role in networks covering the relationship between the world of work and higher education,- come together to identify and analyse current provision of work experience and entrepreneurship in HE in 7 different European countries, generating 54 case studies of good practice.


EURASHE  is the European Association of Institutions in Higher Education that offer professionally orientated programmes and are engaged in applied research within the Bologna cycles. We represent more than 600 universities of applied sciences and university colleges, national and sectorial associations of higher education institutions, and other individual institutions, such as universities.


Mrs Dovile Sandaraite


Communications and Events officer, EURASHE