EURASHE 2016 work programme

EURASHE_logoIn 2016 EURASHE will continue to address its 4 thematic areas; the 2016 work programme comprises:

Mission of professional higher education

  • Our 26th Annual Conference organised on 21-22 April in Belgrade (Serbia) will be our main event of the year, focusing on the new modes of cooperation between professional higher education and the world of work, providing information and support on the latest trends and developments to members and the wider higher education community;
  • Strengthening the links between higher education and the world of work will be one of the main aspect of our work in 2016, with amongst others the establishment of a Committee for Strategic Advice (26 September, Seville, tbc), the PROCSEE and BuildPHE projects, we also hope to work on a specific project assessing university-business cooperation in Europe;
  • Innovative and alternative funding mechanisms will be further in focus following a survey in 2015, we will gather good practices and organise a workshop during our annual conference (21-22 April, Belgrade);

Quality of higher education

  • A 2nd edition of the Manual for IQA will be developed in 2016;
  • Training opportunities on the themes of the ESG 2015 will be provided through the EQUIP project, a workshop in our annual conference (21-22 April, Belgrade) and our autumn seminar (26-27 September, Seville, tbc);
  • Supporting institutions in their strive for excellence will be achieved using the outcomes of the PHExcel project, training experts that can in turn support institutions in striving for excellence, and through the TEACHEX project;
  • International cooperation will also be addressed through our possible involvement in setting up a network for quality assurance in Eurasia;
  • New approaches to quality culture will be further researched, including through the concept of the learning organisation.

Modernising professional higher education

  • Access and inclusion of refugees in higher education will be the topic of a workshop (18 February, Brussels) to support higher education institutions in responding to current challenges, in addition we hope to contribute to a project on the topic;
  • Permeability between VET and higher education will be the topic of an expert workshop (16 June, Brussels) and the BEEHiVES project will continue;
  • Access to higher education is the topic of the IDEAS project;
  • International cooperation will also be in focus through the TACTIC, ALRAKIS II and HUMERIA projects;
  • Supporting the development of quality internships/apprenticeships will be the topic of an ad-hoc project group intending to develop support systems for SMEs in Europe in acquiring quality apprenticeships;
  • The Bologna reform process will continue to be on the agenda of EURASHE, through its participation in the BFUG meetings, Board, advisory and working groups;
  • Learning outcomes and their assessment will be the focus of the CALOHEE project;
  • A Workshop on the modernisation of higher education will be organised (11 November, Brussels) to further see how higher education can support the aims and goals set in EU/EHEA policies and strategies;
  • Good practices, case studies and bad practices will be gathered to support higher education institutions and the wider higher education community in all topics relevant to their daily work.

Research, development and innovation

  • The engagement of students in applied research will be the topic of our autumn seminar organised on 26-27 September in Seville (Spain), tbc;
  • Market-based research will be addressed through the prism of so-called professional/industrial PhDs which will be mapped and examined throughout Europe;
  • The role of applied research in regional development will be the focus of an ad-hoc project group that will look at the involvement of the world of work in higher education research projects for regional development.

EURASHE will also continue its internal activities, with meetings of the:

  • General Assembly, on 20 April in Belgrade (Serbia) and 27 September in Seville (Spain), tbc;
  • Board, on 19 February in Brussels (Belgium), 20 April in Belgrade (Serbia), 17 June in Brussels (Belgium) and 10 November in Brussels (Belgium);
  • Committee for Strategic Advice, on 26 September in Seville (Spain), tbc;
  • Working groups, on 19 February in Brussels (Belgium), 17 June in Brussels (Belgium) and 11 November in Brussels (Belgium).

For more information and to take part, don’t hesitate to contact us.