Workshop on ‘Discovering flexible pathways between VET and PHE’, Brussels, 8 December 2016

vetweek_logoBetween 5 and 9 December the European Commission is organising the first European Vocational Skills Week dedicated to improve the attractiveness and image of vocational education and training. As part of the week, EURASHE with colleagues of eucen, will organise a workshop on the permeability between vocational education and training (VET) and professional higher education (PHE). This workshop will especially focus on the challenges and opportunities for students’ progressions from VET to professional higher education.

As stakeholders of VET, EURASHE and eucen have a strong vested interest in the VET developments, especially considering gradually-blurring interface of VET and higher education. Therefore, the two networks find themselves in a special position to contribute to further discussions on the issue engaging not only VET providers, but a range of other stakeholders and partners. We continue with our commitment to further promote the discussion on VET/PHE permeability, flexible pathways, recognition of prior learning, work-based learning, continuous higher education and various forms of vocational training.

The workshop ‘Discovering flexible pathways between VET and PHE‘ in Brussels, on 8 December 2016 afternoon, during the Vocation Skills Week is a perfect opportunity to discuss these matters with an audience of relevant partners in the domain, both VET providers, world of work and public authorities.

The workshop will deal with concrete inputs and testimonies on flexible pathways between VET and PHE. It should focus on identifying the success factors and barriers from the different stakeholders’ perspectives for the permeability and flexibility between VET, PHE and continuing VET (CVET). The audience will be invited by the speakers’ statements and following interactive session to formulate 3 concrete recommendations to improve the permeability and flexibility between VET and PHE for a range of learners with diverse backgrounds and environmental contexts.

The event will include the following speakers:

  • Alicia-Leonor Sauli-Miklavčič, Skupnost VSŠ
  • Hans Daale, CHAIN 5
  • Tamer Atabarut, eucen
  • Raimund Hudak, DHBW
  • Igor Hovnik, Lesarska šola Maribor
  • José Alberto Fonseca, Micro I/O
  • Lucília Santos, eucen
  • Ülle Kesli, LLL Centre of University of Tartu
  • Alan Sherry, Glasgow Kelvin College
  • Lasse Sjobek, Obessu
  • Ben Butters, EUROCHAMBRES
  • Dana Bachmann, DG EMPL


View the report of the workshop here and the contribution by EURASHE to the workshop here.

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