UAS4EUROPE position paper on the 9th Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (FP9)

The voice of Universities of Applied Sciences for FP9

UAS4EUROPE has today published its position paper on the upcoming 9th Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (FP9).

UAS4EUROPE has the following recommendations for the European Commission in order to create an optimal successor programme of Horizon 2020:

  • Include Smart Partnerships for Regional Impact (SPFRI), which foster the collaboration between, universities of applied sciences, universities, RTOs, companies, regions and other public and private stakeholders with strong added value on the basis of excellence.
  • An increase of the budget to EUR120 billion for seven years
  • Keep the three-pillar-structure
  • Ensure better integration of Social Sciences, Humanities and the Arts (SSHA) and simultaneously the inclusion of broader themes relevant to UAS, such as social work and artistic research and design
  • Address problems and challenges with achieving genuine synergies with Structural Funds
  • Focus on all forms of innovation, from incremental to disruptive and breakthrough innovation
  • Make FP9 as simple as possible
  • Ensure a truly ‘open to the world’ FP9

Next to these recommendations, the position paper responds to the Lamy report. UAS4EUROPE supports the reoport in e.g. underlining the applications for the benefit of all (App), which is very much at the core DNA of UAS.

Although the FP9 public consultation is only expected at the beginning of next year, UAS4EUROPE believes it is vital to communicate these recommendations as early as possible, in order for the European Commission to be able to design an optimal FP9 programme together with the research and innovation community.

UAS4EUROPE is a joint initiative from EURASHEUASnetswissuniversitiesHochschule Bayern e.V. (supported by the Bavarian Research Alliance) and the Austrian FHK to promote the voice of Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) in Europe in the field of applied research and innovation.

You can download the position paper here