Coronavirus Global Response: EU launches pledging effort

The European Union is joining forces with global partners to kick-start a pledging effort – the Coronavirus Global Response – starting on 4 May 2020. The World Health Organization (WHO) and global health organisations have launched a joint call for action to develop fast and equitable access to safe, quality, effective and affordable diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines against coronavirus.

To raise funds in support of this endeavor, the European Union and its partners will organise a worldwide pledging marathon. Countries and organisations around the world are invited to pledge to help reach the target of €7.5 billion in initial funding.

European Commission President von der Leyen said: “We need to bring the world, its leaders and people together against coronavirus. In just 10 days, we will launch a global pledging effort. A real marathon. Because beating coronavirus requires a global response and sustained actions on many fronts. We need to develop a vaccine, to produce it and deploy it to every corner of the world. And we need to make it available at affordable prices.”

Find out more about the effort and how to get involved here.

Disinformation: how to recognise and tackle Covid-19 myths

The outbreak of the coronavirus has led to disinformation that hampers efforts to contain the pandemic. Read on to find out what you can do.

From the original claim that the virus spread through bat-soup, to heated reports of EU countries fighting each other for dwindling supplies of medical equipment, these claims are everywhere.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said false claims “are spreading faster than the virus” and has already termed it an “infodemic of planetary proportions”. Major online platforms are already acting to limit their reach.

How can you recognise disinformation and how can you help stop it from spreading? What is the EU doing about it? Find the answers here.

European Commission presents the first ERAvsCORONA’ action plan

On 26 March 2020, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen and the President of the European Council, Charles Michel stated that “Europe stands ready to set up an international online pledging event to ensure adequate funding to develop and deploy a vaccine against COVID-19.” During an informal videoconference of 7 April 2020, Ministers responsible for research and innovation supported the first 10 priority actions of the first ERAvsCorona Action Plan which resulted from dialogues between the Commission services and the national ministries.1 It covers first short-term coordinated actions only. It sets out key measures the Commission services and the Member States are activating now to coordinate, share and jointly increase support for research & innovation, in line with the objectives and tools of the European Research Area.

10 priority actions for coordinated research and innovation actions:

  1. Coordination of R&I funding against the Coronavirus
  2. Extending and supporting large EU wide clinical trials for clinical management of Coronavirus patients
  3. New funding for innovative and rapid health-related approaches to respond to coronavirus and deliver quick results relevant to society and a higher level of preparedness of health systems
  4. Increasing support to innovative companies
  5. Creating opportunities for other funding sources to contribute to R&I actions on Coronavirus
  6. Establish a one-stop shop for Coronavirus R&I funding
  7. Establish an ad-hoc High Level R&I Task Force on the Coronavirus
  8. Access to Research Infrastructures
  9. Research data sharing platform
  10. Pan-EU Hackathon to mobilise European innovators and civil society (click the link to find out more)

Read the full document here.

EHEA Ministerial Conference postponed to November 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemia and its implications at national and international level, the EHEA Ministerial Conference will take place on 19-20 November 2020 in Rome, Italy (La Nuvola Conference Centre).

The format of the event would remain the same, with the Ministerial Conference starting on the morning of Thursday, 19 November, and continuing the next morning. The Bologna Global Policy Forum would take place on Thursday afternoon, and the Global Summit on Higher Education on the afternoon of the 20th and on Saturday 21.

More information and updates here.

COVID-19 outbreak: European Commission extends the deadlines for various programmes’ calls

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the European Commission decided to extend the deadlines for submission of projects’ applications.

Also watch the latest European Commission’s response and the measures to be taken against the COVID19 spread in Europe:

EURASHE postpones the 30th Annual Conference

Dear colleagues,
We regret to inform you that in order to avoid any possible health risk regarding the COVID 19 outbreak, EURASHE Board decided to
postpone our 30th Annual Conference which should have taken place 20-21 May, 2020 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and co-hosted together with University of Agribusiness and Rural Development (UARD).

We will inform you about the new Annual Conference’s date this year as soon as the situation stabilises.

EURASHE apologises for any inconvenience that this may cause.