EURASHE project on apprenticeships will help to find new talents easier

Numerous studies show that small businesses are unable to find suitable employees limiting their opportunities for a growth while raising costs. At the same time, Professional higher institutions (hereafter-PHE) not always think of Small and Medium enterprises (hereafter-SMEs) as potential partners to send their students for placements. Finally, Europe still suffers from relatively high unemployment – a phenomenon known as the skills gap. This means that the skills which the population currently hold are not necessarily the skills employers need. is an initiative of the SAPS project funded by the Erasmus+ Support for Policy Reform programme, realised in a collaboration among 10 members from different countries around Europe, including EURASHE. The aims of the project are twofold: to systemise the apprenticeship practices between PHEIs and SMEs, and re-shape the image of apprenticeship for SME with a multi-lingual promotional campaign.

 ‘We are very happy being involved in this project because apprenticeships are playing an increasingly important role for both – higher education institutions and the world of work and it is important that the right structures are in place to ensure that they equip people with the right skills.  During a period of 2 years of the project our organisation was also enriched with a knowledge and good examples on implementation of apprenticeships programmes that we are successfully adapting in other our projects like Mentortrain, SAT, SPRINT and ApprenticeshipQ’, – highlights Michal Karpíšek, Secretary General of EURASHE.

The project develops supportive materials for SMEs, while at the same time improving the procedures of PHE institutions go make them more open to apprenticeships One the examples, Apprenticeship Quality Toolkit which provides a hands-on, easy-to-use management tool for PHEIs and SMEs, to ensure the quality of the apprenticeships and a beneficial cooperation for all. The Toolkit follows a quality management system style approach and works in two directions: inside-in, by structuring the organisational processes for successful collaboration for apprenticeships delivery, and inside out, as a quality assurance tool for transparency.

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EURASHE welcomes two new Affiliate members

At its Board meeting on September 14, EURASHE welcomed two new affiliate member organisations: Wült Institute of Business and Technology in Berlin, Germany and University of Applied Sciences in Ferizaj, Kosovo.

The Wült Institute of Business & Technology strives to change and improve lives through higher education by enabling students to maximise their professional and personal potential. The institute’s faculties of Business and Technology provides student-centred support services that are personal, responsive and geared toward assisting students in achieving their educational goals. Caring, highly trained faculty and staff create innovative online educational programs with challenging curriculums that focus on affordable, quality instruction and promote life-long learning and success. Though Wült is firmly rooted in the European Union with an administrative office in Berlin and strategic business units in Malta and Estonia, the Institute has a global student body in more than 40 countries around the world.

University of Applied Sciences in Ferizaj (UASF), as the only applied science provider of the higher education public institution, was established on July 2015 by the Parliament of the Republic of Kosovo following a 40-year tradition of professional and applied science education as Faculty of Applied Sciences in Ferizaj, part of University of Prishtina. UASF is accredited by the Kosovo Accreditation Agency with an institutional accreditation as a University of Applied Sciences in Ferizaj. UAS indicates its mission to provide quality education, prepare qualified professionals and educated and responsible citizens, to develop a professional career and lead a productive life.

“I am glad to welcome our two new affiliate members from Germany and Kosovo, and look forward to fruitful cooperation in implementing different activities in the field of higher education’, – says Michal Karpíšek, Secretary General of EURASHE.

Currently, EURASHE has 61 members which represent more than 650 higher education institutions around the world. Last year EURASHE joined five new members from Hungary, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Pakistan and Armenia.



EURASHE project seeks to promote innovative teaching methods in Israel

All too often, institutions of higher education invest in research at the expense of teaching excellence. Nevertheless, Higher educational institutions (hereafter – HEIs) need to invest in promoting innovative teaching that will meet the needs of today’s diverse students and enable them to address the challenges of a rapidly changing world.  Ideally, students should have a meaningful, relevant, engaging learning experience that challenges their preconceptions, encourages critical thinking, and equips them to initiate change in their communities.

TeachEx is an Erasmus+ Capacity Building project designed to promote and implement innovative teaching methods and approaches Israel. HEIs of Israel currently are witnessing major changes and challenges, which are rooted in economic, socio-technological environments that are part of the transition from an industrial to an information society with new societal demands. The importance of TEACHEX is its goal of retraining academic staff. However, the project targets not only faculty members, but also the students who will benefit from innovative teaching and learning and thus contribute to society at large. Another important formation which builds upon previous projects is the provision of tools towards the internationalization of education, like the use of learning outcome, comparable programs using ECTS, use of DS and etc. The project also attempts to develop a digital portfolio for teachers and create a tool for their self performance and their evaluation as part of the quality assurance system.

Over the course of the three-year project, TeachEx developed and enhanced Centers of Teaching Excellence in each of the partner institutions. In addition, training modules were developed on the following topics: project-based learning; diversity and accessible instruction; mobile learning; the lecturer as a producer of digital content; and design thinking for a meaningful learning. The project also facilitated an intensive “Train the Trainers” workshop which gave faculty tools and ideas to take back to their home institutions to use in training other faculty members.

The ultimate goal of TeachEx is to make sustainable long-term change in teaching which will benefit students and faculty. TeachEx aims to transform the way institutions of higher education approach teaching, so that students receive the excellent teaching that is so crucial to their education.

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Ms. Dovile Sandaraite

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Background information:

EURASHE is a partner TeachEx  together with Israeli higher educational institutions (IDC Herzliya as coordinator, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Oranim Academic College of Education, Beit Berl College, Gordon College of Education, and Ben Gurion University of the Negev), as well as the National Union of Israeli Students, which provides a reflection on teaching methods from the student perspective. In addition, five European higher educational institutions (University College Cork, Jagiellonian University, Glasgow Caledonian University, University of Groningen, and University of Nicosia), and the European Students’ Union are partners in the project, providing their expertise and experience.

We are hiring a Policy Officer on Research, Innovation and Regional Engagement

We are looking for a Policy Officer on Research, Innovation and Regional Engagement to join our small and dynamic team in the centre of Brussels with a preferred start from 1 October 2018 the latest.

The Policy Officer will develop in close cooperation with the Secretary General EURASHE policies, projects and activities regarding applied research, innovation and regional engagement of universities of applied sciences (UAS) including other institutions of professional higher education and promote these towards European institutions, partners and stakeholders.

Requirements and conditions are here.

Interested candidates should submit the following documents in English addressed to Michal Karpíšek, Secretary General of EURASHE at by 18 September 2018, mentioning “EURASHE Policy Officer” in your email’s subject line:
– a CV max 2 pages
– a cover letter addressing:
o candidate’s motivation;
o key issues showing the relevant experience and candidate’s views regarding the agenda;
o including current salary and/or rough salary expectations
o date of possible start

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail to

EURASHE is looking for Communications and Events Assistant (5 months paid internship)

We are looking for a Communications and Events Assistant (5 months paid internship) for a full-time position (38 hours/week) to join our Secretariat as soon as possible.

We look for a creative thinker who is passionate about communications, social media, developing various events and keen to contribute to the success of our Association.

The Communications and Events Officer assistant (intern) will closely cooperate with and under the responsibility of the Communications and Events Officer and relevant policy officers within a relatively small, active team on a variety of tasks. The job requires a fair amount of flexibility, creativity, autonomy and a positive attitude to tasks.

Requirements and conditions are here.

Please send your application in English (1-page cover letter, 2 pages CV max. indicating a possible start date) addressed to Michal Karpíšek, Secretary General of EURASHE, by e-mail to with a subject line “Application – Communications and Events assistant” by 19 of October 2018 (5 p.m. CET).

Early applications are encouraged, as we will go through them as they come and can contact suitable candidates before the application deadline.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail to