Survey to support the development and modernisation of higher education institutions in Mongolia, Vietnam and Cambodia

TACTIC_logoThe TACTIC project, standing for ‘Through Academic Cooperation Towards Innovative Capacity’ is aimed at developing the capacities of higher education institutions in Mongolia, Vietnam and Cambodia to modernise universities’ management, and improve the services and procedures in line with the advanced EU standards.

The project is currently performing in-depth analysis of the internationalisation strategy and human resources strategy with particular focus on existing leadership. The objective is to determine weaknesses and areas to be improved with the partner institutions in Asia, supporting them with already existing practices in Europe.

This survey is the first step of the project, where we wish to conduct a basic analysis of different approaches to institutional management between European and Asian countries, which will serve as a basis for development of trainings for Asian partners, to take place in the later stage of project.

The survey is developed through 9 stages, with 5 separate links. However, each of these gives a rather light set of questions and the overall survey should take no more than 10-15 minutes.

In case you are not be able to fill this in, we would appreciate if you could forward it to your colleagues. For more information on the TACTIC project see the project’s website.