Slovenian Student Union Annual Conference

SOS_logoLast week our Slovene EURASHE member (representatives of ASHVC) participated in the Conference ‘Study – the intersection between theory and practice? – Partnership role of tertiary education stakeholders in study programme development in order to increase employability’, which was organised by the Slovenian Student Union. The conference took place on 25-26 November 2011 in Podčetrtek, Slovenia. It aimed at studying the possibility of integration of higher education into a wider (economic) environment and to key stakeholders, both in the preparation and implementation of study programmes, with the purpose of raising the employability of graduates in various fields. Through the content of the conference the participants have tried to identify the central issues of employability of Slovenian higher education graduates and to offer a ‘solution’ for all involved, by analising the individual components of the study programmes and by introducing good practices. Our Board member Mrs Zdenka Steblovnik Župan as a representative of EURASHE and the Slovene Association of HVC was invited to join the panel discussion titled ‘Where to now?’. She spoke about good practise of Slovene Vocational Colleges in implementing Bologna principles emphasising the importance of co-operation between all stakeholders and responsibility of HEI that should correspond to their autonomy.