Smart UAS in Smart Regions: Basque Country experience

EURASHE, in cooperation with the independent group of experts Friends of Smart Specialisation, last week organised the online event “Smart UAS in Smart Regions: increasing the strategic cooperation between Professional Higher Education and regions in Europe”.

The second webinar of this online series focused its attention on the Basque Country, addressing, on the one hand, the national context related to the Smart Specialisation Strategy – hereafter S3 – and, on the other hand, the role that professional higher education institutions played in the design, implementation and monitoring of their region’ S3. The case study for this session was presented by EURASHE member Mondragon University.

The panel discussion suggested that PHEIs should be very flexible, adaptive to changes, proactive and reactive to the existing opportunities. The speakers highlighted also the importance to attract private investment to research, innovation and development. While the Government is investing in research to make the industry more competitive, companies should also invest more in themselves. The speakers also mentioned fostering the attractiveness of STEAM studies and engagement of women in this field.

The event was moderated by Richard Tuffs, Friends of Smart Specialisation.

The recording of the webinar is available here