A workshop on Access and inclusion of refugees in higher education, 4 May, Brussels

Photograph: CC by-nc-nd by Luc Mercelis

EURASHE will organise a workshop titled ‘Access and inclusion of refugees in higher education‘ on 4 May 2016 in Brussels (Belgium) with the Flemish Council of University Colleges (VLHORA) and the ARES’ Chambre of Hautes Ecoles and Higher Education of Social Promotion.

The last year, Europe came under great pressure because of the great flux of refugees, crossing the Mediterranean by thousands and trying to create a route to the Northern part. As the flow of refugees was lasting, positions changed. The search for a solution on European level became difficult but also more and more urgent. This refugees crisis is a challenge for Europe. Higher education is one of the actors confronted with the need of positioning and solving that crisis.

During the ‘Access and inclusion of refugees in higher education’ workshop, EURASHE wants to give an overview of the current situation and evolution of the refugee crisis as it is nowadays. It will present the position of and the action taken by the Council of Europe and the European Commission, as well as the activities of national ENIC-NARICs, and what research teaches us about the actions taken by higher education.

In the afternoon, some practices will be presented in parallel sessions. Subjects will vary from access to integration and participation of refugees in higher education. The workshop will show the ethical positioning and the voluntarism of institutions.

The programme, speakers, practicalities are available and registrations are open.

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