Outcomes of EURASHE seminar on QA soon published

Remus Pricopie (Minister of National Education, Romania), Stefan Delplace (EURASHE Secretary General, Belgium), Andreas G. Orphanides (EURASHE President, Cyprus) (left to right)

EURASHE organised on 24-25 October 2013 in Bucharest (Romania) a Seminar on the Implementation of Internal and External Quality Assurance.

Presentations are already available here and the report of the seminar will soon be published. Photographs of the seminar are also available here.

The Seminar was organised by EURASHE under the auspices of the Ministry of National Education of Romania, hosted by the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration (SNSPA).

The ultimate objective with this hands-on seminar was to support individuals who are responsible for the management or coordination of internal quality assurance at institutions (e.g. quality assurance managers, quality assurance coordinators, quality assurance administrators, etc.).

More in the coming days on the page of the seminar