HUMERIA – HUManities, Education, Research, International relations and Arts between EU and ENPI HEIs

EURASHE is an associate partner in the HUMERIA project on HUManities, Education, Research, International relations and Arts between EU and ENPI HEIs.

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The project HUMERIA aims at stimulating institutional cooperation and collaboration among partner members and, in particular, decision and policy-makers on strategies to enhance internationalization between EU and ENPI HEIs in the fields of HUManities, Education, Regional and International Relations, Arts and Design. The present proposal was conceived by the coordinator, Tallinn University and joint coordinator Ilia State University with the contribution of a number of stakeholders, and aims at providing a direct added value both to the EU-ENPI ongoing cooperation process in the field of higher education and to European and – especially – ENPI students and stakeholders. This proposal comes about from an acute need to enhance cooperation in Higher Education between the two regions specially in areas that have been underrepresented so far in Erasmus Mundus proposals for ENPI region. The consortium includes a wide diverse variety of HEIs from generic high standing international oriented universities like Lund, Groningen or Masaryk and small specialised universities like Academy of Performing Arts of Bratislava or George Enescu Arts University of Iasi. Geographically speaking, Nordic, Baltic, central, Mediterranean and Eastern regions are well represented. From ENPI countries, all six countries are represented in the proposal. HUMERIA opens the possibility for 200 mobilities. 57 at BA level, 47 at MA level, 37 at PhD level, 19 Postdocs and 40 mobilities for academic/administrative staff distributed in 3 cohorts.

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  • Academy of Performing Arts Bratislava (VSMU) - VŠMU provides higher education with BA, MA, PhD and ArtD degree courses in full-time programmes. In 2002, the credit system of study has been established that is compatible with the... Read more
  • Belarusian State University (BSU) - The Belarusian State University is a leading scientific, educational, innovation and cultural centre of the Republic of Belarus. It exercises its’ potential which is based on the best domestic and... Read more
  • Caucasus University (CU) - The history of Caucasus University began in 1998 when Caucasus School of Business was established. Its motto is “Studium Pretium Libertatis”. Caucasus University is an accredited higher education institution for... Read more
  • Goris State University - Goris State University is the only public Higher Education Institution of the Southern part of the Republic of Armenia. It was founded by the Armenian government in 1967, first as... Read more
  • Ilia State University - Located in Tbilisi, Georgia, Ilia State University (ISU) is a higher education institution that strives for academic excellence and integrity in teaching and research. ISU’s recognition at home and abroad,... Read more
  • Kutaisi University - Kutaisi University (KU) is a relatively young academic institution with only 19 years of history. It was founded as a private higher educational institution on the basis of Kutaisi State... Read more
  • Lund University - Lund University seeks to be a world-class university that works to understand, explain and improve our world and the human condition. The University is ranked as one of the top... Read more
  • Masaryk University - Masaryk University, located in Brno, is the second-largest public university in the Czech Republic and the leading higher education institution in Moravia. At present it comprises nine faculties with over... Read more
  • Nakhchivan State University (NDU) - Nakhchivan State University occupies a special place among other universities in Azerbaijan. The university campus of 108 hectares area includes modern teaching buildings with all kinds of facilities. The electronic... Read more
  • Qafqaz University (QU) - Qafqaz University was founded in 1993, by decree of the Azerbaijani Republic’s National Assembly and approval by the Cabinet of Ministers. Qafqaz University was the first and continues to be... Read more
  • Tallinn University - Tallinn University is an innovative and academically enriching university. It is acknowledged both locally and internationally for its role as a centre for science and education. The mission of Tallinn... Read more
  • Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv - Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv is today a classic university with a distinct research profile, and the leading contemporary academic and educational hub of Ukraine. With the independent Ukrainian... Read more
  • University of Arts “George Enescu” from Iasi (UAGE) - The endeavour to excel in three different art domains causes the University of Arts “George Enescu” of Iaşi to have a special configuration in the field of the art higher... Read more
  • University of Babeş-Bolyai (UBB) - Babes-Bolyai University is an academic educational public institution aiming to promote and sustain the development of specific cultural components within the local, regional, national and international community.With more than 39,000... Read more
  • University of Groningen - The University of Groningen (1614) is a research university with a global outlook. Quality has had top priority for four hundred years: the University is in the top 100 of... Read more
  • University of Tuscia - Tuscia University no longer ranks as a small University, but has taken its place amongst Italy’s medium size Universities, exceeding the 11,000 mark of enrolled students. The full application of... Read more
  • Yerevan State University (YSU) - Yerevan State University (YSU) is a public university in Yerevan, Armenia. Founded on May 16, 1919, it is the largest university in the country with 110 departments. Of its 3,150... Read more
  • Yuriyj-Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University (CHNU) - Today in the university there are 16 colleges: physics, engineering, applied mathematics, chemistry, biology, philology, foreign languages, history, geography, economics, pedagogy, law, and philosophy and theology, 71 departments, 16 thousand... Read more
  • Zaporizhzhya National University (ZNU) - Zaporizhzhya National University is nationally accredited the highest 4th level and is among the most renowned leading universities in Ukraine. It is a shrine for education and science as well... Read more