EMCOSU – Emerging Modes of Cooperation between Private Sector Organisations and Universities

EURASHE is an associate partner in the EMCOSU project on Emerging Modes of Cooperation between Private Sector Organisations and Universities.

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As stated in the latest Agenda on Modernisation of Europe’s HE systems, enhancing short and long term employability potential of young people has become one of the central developmental priorities in European Higher Education Area developments.

Current major national and international mechanisms providing indications to contribute to this aim are closely related to cooperation between higher education institutions and enterprises which represents the main focus of the EMCOSU project (short for Emerging Modes of Cooperation between Private Sector Organisations and Universities) which addresses three general questions:

  1. Which are the most relevant modes of cooperation between universities and enterprises and why? Several different modes will be studied as for example the creation and development of continuous education modules and programmes (HEI level), the establishment of common bodies between HEIs and enterprises, common lectures and research projects, practical training and internships, direct recruitments, conducting seminars and conferences, involvement in common bodies and associations; and financial cooperation.
  2. What are current characteristics of cooperation modes and their future developmental needs?; and
  3. Which are key developmental drivers and motives on cooperation on the side of universities and enterprises?
Following are EURASHE news items related to the project:

  • Presentations and Report of EURASHE-EMCOSU Workshop 20/3/2015 - On 26 February 2015, EURASHE hosted a valorisation workshop of the EMCOSU project titled ‘Emerging Modes of Cooperation between Private Sector Organisations and Higher Education Institutions‘. University-business cooperation (UBC) is... Read more
  • Following are the partners of the project, EURASHE is an associate partner:

  • Business Foundation for Education (FBO) - Business Foundation for Education was established to continue the work of USAID funded Labor market project and to improve the workforce in Bulgaria. To achieve this goal the Foundation implements... Read more
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of County Zala - The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Zala County is a local organization of businesses and companies in Zalaegerszeg with the intention to develop and further the interests of local... Read more
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia - The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (CCIS) provides essential services for enterprises operating in Slovenia, and it is the ideal local partner for foreign investors. The CCIS was... Read more
  • Chamber of Commerce of Spain - The figure of the Chamber of Commerce was created by the Royal Decree of 9 April 1886, with the recognition of the existing associations of merchants, industrialists and shipbuilders. In 1993,... Read more
  • University of Deusto - The University of Deusto fi rst opened its doors in 1886. Its birth was the result of the combined concerns and cultural interests of the Basque Country, which wished to... Read more
  • University of Groningen - The University of Groningen (1614) is a research university with a global outlook. Quality has had top priority for four hundred years: the University is in the top 100 of... Read more
  • University of Ljubljana - University of Ljubljana is an institution with a very rich tradition. It was established in 1919 on the foundations of a long-established pedagogical tradition. It is a very large university,... Read more

    Following are some of the experts involved in the project:

  • Stefan Delplace - Stefan Delplace became the Secretary General of EURASHE in 2004, a position he occupied until 2014. He represented in the Bologna Follow-Up Group and several of its working and coordination... Read more
  • Mateja Melink - Mateja Melink is an assistant and researcher at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana. She has been actively involved in the Slovenian team of HEGESCO project (Higher Education... Read more
  • Samo Pavlin - Dr. Samo Pavlin is researcher in the area of Education and Employment at the University of Ljubljana. He is also Principal of National Research programme “Sociological aspects of sustainable socio-spatial... Read more